Five Iron Golf

Replacing a fondue restaurant in the basement of a high-rise residential building, Five Iron Chicago is a 10,600-sf high-tech, inclusive, urban golf experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. For serious golfers, it features 12 full-swing golf simulators, a Trackman lesson studio, lessons with PGA teaching professionals, women’s events and junior golfer programs, fitting lab, club storage, shower facilities and complementary use of clubs. For the less-than-serious golfer, 5i Chicago has bar and food service, ping pong, pool, and widescreen TVs. Based in New York City, this is the first Five Iron facility in Chicago and was designed with an open plan and industrial aesthetic, exposing the space’s existing concrete construction, complementing it with wood and brick details, bright colors, and neon graphics, creating a fun and interactive experience.


Five Iron Golf


Chas. Bender Company

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