The Lawndale Christian Legal Center was established in 1978 to provide free legal services and support to the youth of North Lawndale who have been involved in the criminal justice system. Furthering on this mission, K-Town is the renovation and addition to a former Catholic School at 15th and Keeler in North Lawndale, which is being turned into dormitory style workforce housing and amenities that will provide housing, social services, and training in the building trades to at-risk youth who are coming out of the justice system in an effort to avoid recidivism. An addition to the former school will provide expanded office space for LCLC to enable them to increase their reach within the community. HMPG is thrilled to be a part of the team making such a difference in the neighborhood and helping to further the benefits being provided by this outstanding not-for-profit organization.


Lawndale Christian Legal Center (LCLC)


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