Viridian on Sheridan

A 10-story, 100-unit apartment building in Lakeview, Viridian on Sheridan went through a lengthy approval process that included significant community involvement. The resulting building hugs the prime corner of Broadway and Sheridan with a glassy facade, transitioning to a brick façade adjacent to neighboring properties. Two-floors of parking were nestled behind the tall first floor retail and lobby spaces, set back from Sheridan and used as a transition to the 4-story courtyard building to the east. The 10-story massing is continuous along Broadway, stepping down only on the southeast corner of the top floor to provide a building amenity room with an outdoor deck and beautiful lake views. Built with a steel structure and pre-cast concrete plank floors, numerous structural options were vetted during the initial phases of the design process to make sure the building was efficient and could be built to budget. The unit interiors are open, modern, light-filled, and sleek, providing a product in limited supply to East Lakeview.


Vermilion Development


Arco Murray

Interior Designer:

McGuire Architectural Interiors

Just the Facts: